Why You Should Use Shelf Liners Around Your Home

“Why would I need a shelf liner?” I hear you ask. Well I had the same question but I am a true convert to the shelf liner life now! Especially if you like things nice and tidy but are also kind of lazy like myself there are so many good uses for a shelf liner that can just make things so much easier around the house. The thing about shelf liner is that it can be used on literally anything around the house, has multiple uses (not just what it says on the tin) and can be cut to fit whatever area you are trying to protect. 

I thought a little post about shelf liner hacks would be a great way to share my new found enthusiasm for them!

So what would I use shelf liners for exactly?

  1. To protect shelves, drawers and cabinets from stains – it’s designed to keep surfaces clean. Perfect for keeping things looking new even when you have spillages, sticky toddler hands or damp around the house.
  2. To hide the grime – if you live in a brand new house then everything is sparkly clean however if you are taking over a property from somebody else then things can often be a little grubby. Don’t put up with other peoples grime, and use shelf liners to give yourself a fresh start.
  3. To make sure you get your deposit back – if you are renting a house then you know how tricky landlord’s can be. To make sure that you get your full security deposit back at the end of your tenancy then make sure to line everything with shelf liners that you can. Shelves, drawers, closets, you name it, put a liner on it and know that it is safe from scratches, moisture and stains.
  4. To make cleaning up easy – this could possibly be my favourite use since I can be lazy when it comes to clean up! By putting liners around the house it means that instead of having to get into all the nooks and crannies at the back of drawers and the bottom of shelves you can simply remove the shelf liner and empty the crumbs, dust etc into the garbage, wipe it down and then put it back in its place – easy!
  5. To protect furniture (especially painted or antique items) – if you have a treasured piece of furniture or you’ve spent hours upcycling an item with some DIY then make sure that you look after it properly. There’s nothing worse than scratching your favourite item or chipping off some paint because you didn’t protect it properly. Make sure you line the furniture properly to prevent your hard work from going to waste. 

Hopefully I’ve made you think and you’re now a convert to the shelf liner life like myself. Make sure to keep an eye out for my next post which will go through all the different ways in which you can use shelf liners around the house. I swear, you’ll be utterly amazed!